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Last Updated: 14/02/18

Welcome! My name is Dug Armstrong, one of that rare breed of professionals known as a Technical Author. Quik Computing is the company through which I offer my services as an independent contractor.

The question I am most frequently asked is simply: What is a Technical Author? Well, it's not hard to figure out. I'm like any other kind of author - I write stuff. Unlike a fiction writer, however, the stuff I write wouldn't qualify for the Man Booker prize. Technical Authors write technical documentation - user guides, operating procedures, service manuals, release notes and on-line help are just a few examples. I also advise on document design and various publishing technologies.

So what is this page for? Well, apart from being a candidate for the most boring site on the web, it's simply to provide potential employers with a career profile and examples of my previous work. If anyone out there is looking for a professional documentation specialist, please get in touch! 

Examples ...

If you want to look at my employment history, qualifications and so on, feel free to peruse my on-line CV. This is in PDF format and requires the (free) Acrobat Reader software to open. Alternatively, a Microsoft Word version of the CV is available here.

Here are a few samples of work done for past clients, also presented in PDF format. Please respect the copyright of the owners of these documents, which you can see by hovering over the thumbnails before clicking on them.

PDF Image Link PDF Image Link PDF Image Link PDF Image Link PDF Image Link PDF Image Link

Recent Testimonials ...

"NIHR has recently engaged the services of an independent consultancy company to review the documentation in relation to the project more generally.  When reviewing the user guides that you worked on, I am happy to report that they have received excellent feedback in terms of their presentation and comprehensive detail of the workings of the software. So once again, many thanks for taking on this task and for the excellent work you did during your short period with us."

 - Julie Morris, Project Delivery Manager, Tribal Technology

And Finally ...

Apart from being a Technical Author, I'm also a cat fanatic, so here are a few cat-themed links to brighten up your day.

Frank, Vince & Zappa Pics of our former cats Frank, Vince & Zappa
Jeeves, Wooster & Eric Pics of our current cats Jeeves, Wooster & Eric
de Poezenboot An essential stop for cat lovers when visiting Amsterdam
The Catanya Gallery Visit the gallery of the late Gordon T Catanya, cat artist extraordinaire!

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